Thursday, October 6, 2011

Age of Mediocrity II

It's easy to say, "I am a great person!" But how do you really know that?

Food for thought

Okay, the new semester has already arrived. As usual, I can always reassure myself that I'm finally heading towards the right direction by declaring on my Facebook status, " I'm gonna do well in my studies this time, seriously!" Well, surely those who had flunk their last papers are having the same thought as well. But how will I know that this time, this time & THIS TIME, things will turn out to be DIFFERENT?

I've learned that (yes, I am still learning too) it is only through my conduct & actions that will determine what kind of person will I be. It is pointless to self-praise (I'm guilty of this all the time) & live a false conviction. If I am a great person, then let those around me be the judge of that. Action speaks louder than words, period!

Who are the 'small' people & who are the 'big' people among your peers? Let's see the comparison between these two types of people. Of course I'm not referring in terms of body size lah, but the kind of mentality that they possess;

Lol :D

  • Small people are narrow minded, but big people are broad minded
  • Small people constantly take shortcuts, but big people lay down foundations
  • Small people work out of obligation, but big people work out of passion
  • Small people find excuses, but big people find solutions
  • Small people blame others, but big people repent
  • Small people are always lethargic, but big people are always enthusiastic
  • Small people see work as punishment, but big people see work as reward
  • Small people are annoying & calculative, but big people are generous
  • Small people always slack, but big people always act
  • Small people complain, but big people praise
  • Small people despise correction, but big people love learning
and finally...
  • Small people like to be comfortable, but big people go for change!

From now on whenever I feel like compromising, I will definitely read this post over & over again as a reminder for myself. I sincerely hope this post will encourage & motivate you as well to strive for excellence in life. We can honestly say that we know too many small people in our lives, that's why we have to cherish the minority of big people around us. Learn as much as we can from the latter & do not take them for granted.

I'm thankful for the 'big' people that God has placed into my life. I am who I am today because of their influence over me. One particular big person I know of would be...

Felicia Choong, an awesome sister to me. Please forgive me for my retarded smile :P

On another random note...

A great man has left the world...

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Age Of Mediocrity I

Semester break is finally here. This is a good time to blog about random stuff besides running events!

Found this inspiring pix on FB. Thanks Moses Moo!

Human Anatomy was my final paper during last Tuesday morning. And I always have this habit sitting at the last row during exams so that I can get a good view of everyone (not a good sign of an excellent student). The paper however, was very tough due to the fact that most of us are not of science stream origin & there is just too many technical terms to memorize!

Recently, something that is so insignificant got me thinking about the world today. This is one of the obvious things you will find in every examination halls, which is candidates leaving too early with plenty of time frame to spare. Everyone was given 3 hours & 10 minutes to answer for that paper. But out of more than 10 candidates, I was the only one left in the hall after an hour & a half pass by. Yup that's right, nobody studied for that paper.

Last man standing? Lol!

Well, actually neither did I study at all for that paper! But it never occurred in my mind to just give up & hand in an empty answer sheet. I try utilizing every idea I can cook up with. If I to have goreng (fry) to make the answers sound convincing, then just goreng lah all the way haha! It doesn't matter if my answers are wrong & I failed the paper in the end. The most important thing is as long I have tried my best (although I could do better than that), learn from my mistakes of studying last minute & prepare better the next time around, only then can my learning be a worthwhile experience.

The key here is the will to be excellent, & that has taught me a valuable lesson the moment I left the exam hall. I now realize that in order for me to do well in the next semester, I can't be carrying the same attitude. I have to change my habits. Like a mad genius once quoted, "Doing the same thing over & over again while expecting results is insanity!" Without change, the outcome will always remain the same; lousy grades.

Gotta cut down on FB, sleep & last minute assignments. Period!

That's the problem though. Whenever the new semester commences, I would see the same scenario from almost all my coursemates; submitting last minute assignments, poor standard of English both written & orally as well as leaving exam halls too early. To make it a fair judgement, I too have to hold myself accountable for being in the same league. My assignments are handed in seconds before the deadline, lack of practise is deteriorating my English fluency & bad preparation for exams is earning me the F grade. Ouch!

It is not just in the context of being a student. We can clearly see this trait in all levels of society. We do not want to be excellent. Because we know that excellence requires hardwork, dedication, commitment, & ultimately, painful sacrifices. Instead we all want to be comfortable, & that is why we see alot of people today striving for mediocrity, the opposite of excellence. How can one grow if they constantly stay only within their comfort zones?

Again it is not just the area of education, the picture is now much bigger than that. I will see stop here for now, looking at my own reflection while playing the late MJ's 'Man In The Mirror'. To be continued...

"Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed." - Walter Russell

Saturday, August 6, 2011


After going through five runs consecutively in July, my legs are now begging, "Please, no more!"

Believe it or not...

This is the catalyst of greater things to come!

The Olympic Day Run, this is where it all started; the excitement, the enthusiasm, the adrenaline, the glory & of course, medals! It was the first long distance running event I've ever participated in my life back in July 2009. During that time, my intentions of joining such runs were purely just for fun. Who knew that a such a simple decision would eventually turned into a passion!

Ever since then, I never look back. My love for marathons or long distance running just grew deeper & deeper, run after run! Today at the age of 21, I am finally living for the first time. Thank God I still have my youth, because the best is definitely yet to come!

My old workplace, brings back alot of fond memories!

Medallicious ~

With my ex-colleague, Helnie. She has such a bubbly personality ;)

More more more!

I say man...

This is super hard wei!

I am not exaggerating, but this is by far the toughest run I've ever competed in. I push, push, push & yet, I just couldn't overtake anyone! It's like every participant in this event was a seasoned runner. Even in my fittest condition, I only managed to win nothing but a piece of cert in the end. Thanks to events publicity through Facebook, marathons are getting so popular nowadays, thus making competition much stiffer than it was before. Look like I'm gonna have to start investing in gadgets & sports beverages soon to give me that winning edge!

Unsatisfied, I went for another run the next morning with a distance of 10km despite my legs feeling very heavy after completing 12.3km!

My dad seriously thought I was crazy. He's right though!

I'm crazy for these metal made buggers!

Like I've said, I never look back since...

Signs of fatigue has started to kick in for my legs. Fortunately it is now the month of August, that means there won't be any running events being held until September. Finally, a well deserved break from this hectic but enjoyable sport. This will give me the opportunity to focus on other projects. Yes, I am planning something BIG, something that has never or at least, seldom being done here before in Malaysia. It's gonna massive, it's gonna be electrifying & Good Lord Almighty, it's certainly gonna be hell raising!

No further details can be given for now. But do often check out my blog for more developments on my...'secret' project. Finally, get ready...

"Rest: the sweet sauce of labor."
- Plutarch